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Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony is organized in MDIC campus to recognize the achievements of O and A level students graduating from Manarat College. In a gorgeous ceremony, all the students are awarded school completion certificates and gifts as a recognition to their years of hard work.

The awardees arrive at the event decked up in formal attire complete with their gowns and graduation hats. They are given a grand red carpet welcome and received cordially at the entry with flowers, coat pins and chocolates. The entire school gets adorned with balloons and flowers to celebrate their excellence and success. A special photo booth is set up for the students as well. The guardians are also invited to the award-giving ceremony to accompany their children on their big day.

The students are awarded in 3 categories. They are awarded with:

      1. Certificate of Completion

      2. Certificate of Excellence

      3. Certificate of High Achievers

The ceremony, chaired by the honourable Principal, commences with certificate distribution. Certificates are presented to the awardees by the chief guest, usually a member of the Manarat Trust. Afterwards, a cultural programme follows up the proceedings, and students and faculties alike participate in various forms of entertainment to add to the day's merriment. All the guests present at the event are provided with delicious lunch packs and refreshments. The programme draws its curtains with a photo session by a professional photographer in order to memorialise the day.

With a handsome sendoff, the students are encouraged to embark on the next chapter of their lives with joy, vigour and great memories to look back to.