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Different Fairs & Ceremonies

Celebrating ceremonies and fairs in our institution has become an integral part of learning and building a strong cultural belief, spirit and sense of belonging.

There’s always something exciting going on at MDIC, whether it’s in-person, virtual, with a group, or one-on-one.

Check out some of the ways students can get involved and join the excitement at MDIC.

  • Graduation Ceremony

Graduation is a happy occasion when students are awarded their qualifications and can celebrate alongside friends, family and MDIC staff.

  • Fresher’s Reception Ceremony

Fresher’s reception is a warm reception of the newly admitted students for Advanced Level. The objective of the program is to welcome the new students and orient them to the college facilities, faculty members and academic system.

Besides these two grand ceremonies each year, Manarat arranges several fairs for learners of different age groups where all the pupils take part with warmth and great enthusiasm.

Educators use a diverse approach to educate our young and adolescent that encompasses logical/abstract thinking, creative outlets to fasten fundamental ideas, hands-on, student-driven exploration, teacher-guided large group and small group instruction to provide a comprehensive curriculum for ultimate learners. Some of such events are-

  • Science fair
  • Business Fair (Mini enterprise development contest)
  • Commerce Fair
  • ICT Fair
  • Olympiads (Bangla, Math, Physics)
Such celebrations in the entire year bring students closer to each other with enjoyment and celebration, making them aware of the world in a more fun way which promotes social interaction and harmony.